Ignorance Is Bliss

Ignorance is the fuel that keeps the machine of society running. Without it, we would all walk away from society and, as a result, society will crumble. There is a truth about ignorance that is irrefutable; the main facet of ignorance is that we are ignorant to the fact that we are ignorant.

The type of ignorance I’m talking about isn’t the one where you don’t have an answer to something – that one is easy to deal with and isn’t of any real consequence. The one I’m talking about is the one where you believe something to be absolutely true that isn’t true; where you think you have all the answers. The main problem with this type of ignorance is that when you get flashed with the actual truth, you will be in so much resistance that you will fight (sometimes literally) in order to defend your standpoint. We go to extreme lengths to deny the fact that we have no fucking clue about anything.


The most ignorant people are the most sure of themselves – this is a fact – and the more sure you are of yourself, the harder it will be for you to give in. We can be proven wrong in so many different ways but still not let go of what we believe is true.

Just to make something unequivocally clear, this is not an admirable trait, nor is it something that one should aspire to develop. It is proof of immaturity and a childish mind. A person who can’t let go is a person who needs to grow up.

I hear it every day, people laying blame and looking externally for answers. Here’s some inside information: There is no outside authority and the only one that can affect the outcome of your life is you. But in order to do this, you need to be open to change.


Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die…that’s the reality of the world. We are afraid of anything that is not comfortably inside our framework. But the only place where change can take place is outside our established framework. This might sound obvious but if you really think about it – and you’re honest with yourself – when was the last time you did something that was outside your comfort zone? Didn’t think so.

So yeah, that’s how people and the world work.

I’m not saying it’s bad, not at all. In fact, it’s not bad in the slightest. It’s the way it works. Just like the fact that we live in a society where we are forced to do labor in order to survive and where we are herded like sheep to get to the next exciting thing in order to feel alive; it’s just life. I do however feel that life could be so much more enjoyable if we had just opened our eyes just slightly, to see the world around us. To shine a light on the less illuminated parts of our brains in order to find something new.

Not a new car or new gadgets, a new framework. A new way to operate in the world.

Just so happens, I have a different way of looking at the world. This is not arrogance, it’s observance. I can see that no one, I have met, operates in the same way and that makes me sad. Not for me, but for them. They could be so much happier if they had just stopped struggling to get stuff and put some of that energy on changing their lives instead. Their lives aren’t what they own, but what they do.

That’s just how I see it.


Carpe Vitae

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