The 3 Components Of Learning

Passion is the number one thing that drives us. That much is pretty obvious sure, but one thing I have noticed recently is that people talk a good game about passion and how they love their whatevers, but when it actually comes down to it, they like it in spite of what it is rather than because of it. For example, a lot of people talk to me about loving their job and how it fulfills them, but they still have this rule that they don’t want to talk about work outside of the office. That’s perfectly fine, but for me – if I love something – I can’t stop thinking about it.

Presently, I’m sitting in my mum’s sofa writing this blog post next to my sleeping dog while my dad is in the kitchen cleaning up. I arrived here a couple of days ago and I still haven’t gotten used to being off. My mind keeps wandering back to work-related topics; “Maybe I should work on that powerpoint presentation.” “Wonder how the team is doing?” “Should I send them a Christmas card so that they know I’m still thinking about them?” and so on.

Almost everyone tells me that I should leave work at the office in order to keep sane and actually enjoy my time off. The thing is though, I love my job, meaning I truly enjoy working. “I love my job,” for me, means that I don’t just love it despite it being a job, I would rather be in the office than most other things. My job for me isn’t just ‘a good job’ it’s something that I’m extremely passionate about.

I received feedback from my last training class that I had and I was very touched by the lovely comments that I got (thanks guys, I love you!), and one thing that was said was that the person could tell that I really loved what I do. That’s exactly what I’m after, when I train people and it makes me feel fulfilled when I can see that my passion becomes contagious.

In one of my training modules I talk about Learning as a concept and – what I believe to be – the 3 keys of becoming good at anything.

  1. Passion
  2. Practice
  3. Patience

The number one thing is passion. I believe that in order to get good at anything we need to be passionate about it. Lacking that, something that is almost as powerful is being passionate about learning. If you are like me, and you think personal development is one of the keys of happiness, you will realize agree that passion doesn’t have to be about the topic itself but rather development as a concept.

Think of when you learned to ride a bike, sing, play a sport, whatever. You were passionate about learning that specific skill (and yes, riding a bike is a skill). Whatever your prime mover was – be it fear or love, doesn’t matter – you were passionate about it. Passion is just a fancy word for interest really and conveys a more intense level of love for said thing and you don’t really need to call it passion if you’re one of those people who are automatically resistant toward feel-good terms like ‘love’ and ‘passion’.

Number two is practice, which should go without saying, but the truth is people are egregiously inept at putting in the work for something. They want the quick fix and would rather fall for a scam marketing the ‘magic pill’ that will make them rich, handsome, skinny and movie star for just three simple payments. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE order within 10 minutes and you get super powers as a bonus, worth $15 billion [Terms & Conditions may apply]. Or they will distract themselves with crap TV to be able to show off their ‘knowledge’ about which Kardashian is the most fabulous this week. To put it simply, people are fucking lazy. We would rather give up when we don’t see the results straight away than put in the good work. Which leads us to 3.

Number three is Patience which, if you’ve heard me talk about this subject, is where I can start coming off a bit contradictory. On the one hand I talk about being patience and the good results will come, but on the other I advocate having an extreme sense of urgency. For me these two don’t contradict each other because patience without practice doesn’t mean anything, we need to put in the work. So when I say have a sense of urgency I mean about starting the work. In what I train people to do it’s very easy, because you don’t really have a choice, but in order to improve you need to start thinking ahead; where will this current trajectory take me? Be smart about your work and you’ll accomplish a lot more than you thought possible.

I know I haven’t written in a while and I usually apologize for that, but this time I’m going to be up front and say, there are way better things to read on the internet than my blog. This blog is for me, not for me to show off anything. I know it might come off that way sometimes, but I know what I’m using it for, it’s a tool for clearing out the rubbish in my brain and I haven’t had the need to do that lately. Now I did though.

Externalize your thoughts.


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