Promote Gratitude and Love

Complaining is easy. That’s just the truth. If you are faced with something challenging or something that makes your comfort zone security system go off because it senses a threat, the absolute easiest road to go down is the complaint route. We don’t like change, that’s just a fact and we would do anything to avoid that change to happen if we had the motivation. In fact in my experience, I’ve noticed that people will spend more energy fighting the change than they would if they had just accepted it and went along with it.

When anything happen that we don’t like, we start telling everyone why it’s so bad and why we don’t like it. We like to say how the change is bad, but we aren’t creative enough to come up with a better solution ourselves.

Positivity is hard though. Finding acceptance and serenity in the change even though it would mean hard work or difficulty is where the hard part comes in. It’s so fucking easy to let negativity slip out of your mouth, but try saying something positive about the thing you don’t like…it’s not as easy.

Gratitude is they key component to sustained happiness. It doesn’t actually matter much to me if you’re faking it or if it’s genuine gratitude, fake it ’til you make it, and all that. I care about the giving, that’s the most important to me. Ask yourself, how am I giving the best of me to the people around me? How am I promoting the thing I claim to want the most, ‘happiness’? How am I living up to my own expectations? and so on. If you can’t answer any of these questions you know what you need to do.

Coincidentally in time for the holidays I started having thoughts about happiness and gratitude and how to share my love with people more. I’ve become a real gooey spiritual guy talking about loving unconditionally and all that crap. I’m fine with that though and I will gladly be that guy if that helps people.

Do me and yourself a favour, tell someone they are great, today. Tell someone they are beautiful. It’s so damned easy to say something good and make them smile.

I saw a post where a photographer did a “before and after” shoot of when he told people they were beautiful. The results brought tears to my eyes. In a world of so much insecurity, why not be controversial and not feed negativity with more negativity.

I know how this is starting to sound but I’m fine with that. If that’s the price I have to pay, and so on.

Try it for yourselves and you’ll see that it will make you happier as well. Giving without expecting anything in return is the best thing in the world.


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