Life Is Silly – And That’s Beautiful

I’m silly. I really am, but that’s something that comes with the territory. I laugh at stupid things; I laugh loudly, so that everyone turns their head; I talk during the ads in the cinema and make cheeky comments about the hilarity of the commercial; I make stupid faces, make horribly inaccurate impressions of celebrities and make up stories about heroes on wild adventures fighting the dragon to save the damsel in distress.

I do all these things, and more, because it amuses me.


I used to try to be a serious person, for many years; I used to force myself to be ‘cool’ in order to not look stupid; used to care so much about what other people thought of me. Pathetically so, in fact. I realized something, a few years back however, and it’s that life is to damn short to spend it being worried about other people’s opinions. Even if they talk about you behind their backs, so what? Why do you really care about what they think? Let them think whatever they think. It’s what makes them happy; it’s what gives them purpose to their otherwise pretty dull lives.

This isn’t one of those, “If they can say it behind my back, they should be able to say it to my face”-type of things, it’s simply that if you don’t care, you don’t care. It actually doesn’t change what I think about a person. If I like a person, what they say about me when I’m not around isn’t of any real consequence to me. I believe I have enough integrity so that whatever they can possibly say about me are either complete lies or matters of opinion – and I don’t deal with matters of opinions if those opinions don’t happen to be my own.

Think back on a moment when you’ve been so upset about what another person said about you when you were just being yourself. Think about how much that mattered to you and what you felt in that exact moment…

Are you thinking about it?


Now try to come up with a real reason why it actually mattered, what they thought.

Can’t think of anything?

That’s right, there is no real reason.

All everyone says is their opinion and opinions, thrown out into empty space, will dissolve like everything else – eventually, that’s just the way of it. The only place that those opinions have any form of matter is in our minds. If I stop thinking about them, they literally disappear. So what are thoughts really, to be so easily destroyed?

I have no idea, and finding out what isn’t nearly as important as to accepting that they do disappear.

It’s all resistance or acceptance. There is nothing else in life and to pretend otherwise is to be in resistance to reality…and that doesn’t sound like a very smart thing to be now, does it? The sad truth though, is that most everyone is resistant to reality and that is the main cause of all suffering in the world. Everything from religious wars to petty relationship arguments can be boiled down to lack of acceptance. If everyone accepted the world as it is, no one would be unhappy.

“But Cedric, what would happen to society if that happened?”

No idea, but no one would actually care, since…yup, you guessed it…everyone would be in acceptance.

So to summarize, I believe that life is too short for seriousness. Just be happy about what is and accept that whatever is, is right.

There is one thing that is sillier than being silly, and that’s trying to pretend to not be silly when one’s natural state of being is silliness.

Something to think about, perhaps.


Carpe Vitae – Memento Mori

2 thoughts on “Life Is Silly – And That’s Beautiful”

  1. “Everything from religious wars to petty relationship arguments can be boiled down to lack of acceptance. If everyone accepted the world as it is, no one would be unhappy.”
    Schmack, acceptance it is. Awesome post love! / fangirl #1

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